Checkout the latest updates to the app.


September 2022
  • Added more foods.
  • Improved responsiveness.


August 2022
  • Added donation links to site footer. Send your boy some loot when you have a chance.
  • Added shareaholic links for content sharing on nutrient and food pages.
  • Fixed many bugs and features.
  • Added new and improved search.
  • Added 25+ new foods.


June 2022
  • Added back DMCA protection.
  • Improve accessibility and mobile performance.
  • Removed google search. I am working on a faster search.
  • Added table of contents to nutrient and food pages.


April 2022
  • Re-launched site with new front-end.
  • Added more nutrient charts in food pages.
  • Removed benefits from foods for now.
  • Optimized images using webp format.
  • Added 30+ foods.
  • Added 25+ nutrients.