Discover the substances that power, protect, and keep the body performing.
Woman with a broken arm.
Helps Keep Bones Strong and Healthy
3 Benefits · 45 Foods
Energetic man stair climbing.
Major Source of Energy For The Body
5 Benefits · 87 Foods
Pregnant woman fixing scrambled eggs.
Boosts Cognitive Functions
4 Benefits · 40 Foods
A woman feeling the great effects of the nutrient Copper when it comes to her collagen.
Keeps Skin Healthy
4 Benefits · 103 Foods
A man suffering from bloat.
Aids in Relieving Digestive Problems
7 Benefits · 35 Foods
Elderly man suffering from macular degeneration.
Reduces Risk of Macular Degeneration
4 Benefits · 80 Foods
Man pumping iron at the gym.
Aids Muscle Strength Development
4 Benefits · 71 Foods
Woman suffering from migraines.
Helpful in Treating Migraines
4 Benefits · 81 Foods
Person testing their blood sugar.
Helps Control Blood Sugar
6 Benefits · 93 Foods
Woman making the hearth healthy sign.
Monounsaturated Fat
Boosts Heart Health
4 Benefits · 14 Foods
Man with pain in his knee.
Helps Reduce Joint Inflammation
5 Benefits · 69 Foods
Expecting couple looking at an ultrasound image of their child.
Crucial for Fetus Development
5 Benefits · 8 Foods
Young woman with itchy skin.
Pantothenic Acid
Boosts Skin Health
5 Benefits · 72 Foods
Woman having issues with digestion.
Increases Nutrient Absorption
7 Benefits · 85 Foods
Woman happy with her weight.
Polyunsaturated Fat
Help Keep The Heart Healthy
6 Benefits · 12 Foods
Young man hydrating.
Regulates Body Fluids
5 Benefits · 88 Foods
Man performing pushups.
Enhances Muscle Strength & Growth
5 Benefits · 66 Foods
Joggers will enjoy Riboflavin(Vitamin B2) for its energetic effect on the body.
Converts Foods Into Energy
6 Benefits · 85 Foods
Woman with thyroid issues.
Crucial For Thyroid Health
4 Benefits · 44 Foods
Young girl using a face mask.
Improves Immunity
5 Benefits · 83 Foods
Woman with great eye sight made possible by Vitamin A.
Vitamin A
Helps Prevent Night Blindness
5 Benefits · 35 Foods
Acrobatic man flipping outside.
Vitamin B12
Increases Energy Levels
5 Benefits · 5 Foods
Woman having issues with menstrual cramps.
Vitamin B6
May Help Reduce Depression
5 Benefits · 98 Foods
Blood pressure checks in the future can be made better with Vitamin C.
Vitamin C
Combats High Blood Pressure
5 Benefits · 62 Foods
Young man with the flu.
Vitamin D
Reduces Risk of Flu
4 Benefits · 5 Foods
Fit woman lifting weights are repairing her body with foods high in Vitamin E.
Vitamin E
Helps Repair Muscles
5 Benefits · 39 Foods
Woman undergoing dialysis.
Vitamin K
Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
4 Benefits · 57 Foods
Young man becoming ill and in need of zinc.
Supports The Immune System
5 Benefits · 65 Foods